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Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks is a unique collection of eroded rock covering an area of about 50 acres, in the care of the National Trust. Some 320 million years ago, an enormous river cascaded sand and grit from granite mountains in northern Scotland and Norway, forming a delta which covered half of todays Yorkshire. Multiple layers of grit and sand along with rock crystals, built up to form the tough sandstone known as Millstone grit. It is exposed sections of this eroded sandstone that can be viewed today at Brimham Rocks. Some of the formations have been given names including the idol, the Boat, the Dancing Bear, the turtle and the Smartie Tube. There is a shop and toilets and the location is ideal for picnics followed by a ramble and climb among the rock formations. Brimham is located in Nidderdale 4 miles east of Pateley Bridge off the B6265.

Pateley Bridge

The peaceful setting of Pateley Bridge has provided inspiration for artists, writers and film and television productions. The winding High Street is packed with small, specialist shops that cater for virtually any requirement. There are quality craft centres, charming pubs and country tea-rooms. To experience a truly authentic taste of early dales life, visit the Nidderdale Museum, it is packed with relics and artefacts chronicling a Yorkshire way of life of years gone by.

A special plaque in Pateley Bridge High street marks the start and finish of the Nidderdale Way, a circular route of some 53 miles that loops around each side of the Nidd Valley, taking in some of the most spectacular landscapes in the area. Renowned for its charm and floral beauty, Pateley Bridge is the perfect start and stopping point for walkers, with plenty of shops and places to eat.

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on the banks of the River Wharfe. With just under 30,000 acres of beautiful countryside, over 80 miles of footpaths and ample space to run around and enjoy the fresh air, there is something for all ages. Explore the ruins of the Priory and discover a landscape full of history and legend, wander along the riverside, woodland and moorland paths, enjoy local produce in the excellent restaurants, tea rooms and cafes, treat yourself in the quality gift shops and food shop or simply relax beside the river with a picnic whilst the children play. Visitors have long been welcome to Bolton Abbey and whilst we are open every day from 9am, please check opening times for refreshments during the winter.

Local Markets

Each week throughout the year there a variety of local Markets selling all manner of things:

Monday: Thirsk, Skipton
Tuesday: Hawes , Bedale
Wednesday: Masham, Northallerton, Knaresborough
Thursday:  Ripon
Friday:  Leyburn, Skipton, Otley

Saturday: Richmond, Thirsk

Pateley Show

In September, the Nidderdale Show is held in the idyllic surrounds of Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge. This is one of the finest shows in the North of England and offers many added attractions for locals and visitors. Stump cross Caverns near Pateley Bridge were created during the Ice Age and the resulting underground rivers lay undetected until the 1800’s. Now, dramatic lighting enhances the Caverns, illuminating the glacial beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites. The visitor Centre provides a useful source of information and gifts.

Visit Blazefield Caravan Site for fully equipped caravans in the Yorkshire Dales.

For details, call 01423 711 139

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